How are you connecting with your college community?

College Rising started by connecting students to off campus housing. Once living in the community there are endless opportunities to work on studies, projects and personal growth. We are reinventing ourselves so you can too.

We believe in a path which connects community and students for educational, professional and social growth. We believe its not enough to just take class and graduate, to do business as usual or give into what is safe and easy. We believe in the freedom of our own desires and the strength of not making big decisions on our own.

How Does it Work?

We want to house a community of students who want to better themselves and community while having the best time of their life along the way. Check out our Classes and Promo Days today!


hmmm... Classes are expensive right!? We provide complimentary classes by design through a rebate system. Pass a class and contribute to receive CR credits which can be used for more classes with us or sold in our exchange when someone new you know joins a class. Make building new skill sets something that connects students locally and around the world without spending money.

Promo Days

College Rising offers Promo Days which are usually over a one day period instead of a week - two week class. Promo Days are designed to gain students access to information and entertainment to use. Promo days can be an intro to a class or used to promote goods and services in exchange for promotion at a rebated cost. Check out some ideas we have listed!

Looking for More?

See where we are right now in real time by connecting on Facebook. Looking for something else? Contact