Make building new skill sets something that connects students locally and around the world. Create an environment for learning to be more informative and entertaining. Each month we will be offering new real estate classes in Chicago. Check out our next class today!


We have the philosophy in mind to embody what you teach and only teach what you have embodied. We also believe that teaching builds on what you have learned. Making learning practical and relative to where and how you live.


We believe that success follows in helping others. Promote our company by joining us to create more classes to reach and connect more students to the community. Host an event, give products, gift cards, create a class or whatever comes to mind that is respectful and equal!


How are you connecting with your community?

College Rising started by connecting students to off campus housing. Once living in the community there are endless opportunities to work on studies, projects and personal growth.

We are reinventing ourselves so you can too.

We believe in a path which connects community and students for educational, professional and social growth. We believe its not enough to just take class and graduate, to do business as usual or give into what is safe and easy. We believe in the freedom of our own desires and the strength of not making big decisions on our own.

We want to house a community of students who want to better themselves and community while having the best time of their life along the way.


Looking for More?

See where we are right now in real time by connecting on Facebook. Looking for something else? Contact chris@collegerising.com.