How are you connecting with your college community?

College Rising started by connecting students to off campus housing. We believe in a path which connects community and students for educational, professional and social growth. College Rising is a licensed Real Estate School and a complimentary program for any college or university education.

We believe its not enough to just take class and graduate, to do business as usual or give into what is safe and easy. We believe in the freedom of our own desires and the strength of not making big decisions on our own. We are reinventing ourselves so you can too!


hmmm... Classes are expensive right!? We provide complimentary classes by design through a rebated system. Its simple. We pay back up to 100% of students tuition and fees based on attendance and performance in the community. The more you perform the more you earn back. Register Today!


Each class has a complimentary workshop which enhances the principles learned from class. Essentially students use workshops as a resume boost! Students also can make money, build a network of professionals and pay off related career expenses. Pre-Requisite Required

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