We believe in organically creating a sense of community in an ever changing environment. The college community is short lived and always long remembered. Were just getting started in 2017 and we have had a lot of fond memories since 2010.

Training Center

The mission of College Rising Training Center is to teach the skills which underlie the work in our college communities. The classes, taught by student peers and professionals working in their fields, are dedicated to helping develop each other's technique and skills to better our community. 

The Exchange

How many small businesses know or even have time to market the how, why and what their product or service is?

With the bottom line always in the way we need those who are eager and hungry to learn from us. We in exchange provide our specific knowledge so students can inform and entertain about how, why and what they are learning.

How are you connecting with your community?

College Rising started by connecting students to off campus housing. Once living in the community there are endless opportunities to work on studies, projects and personal growth.

We are reinventing ourselves so you can too.

We believe in a path which connects community and students for educational, professional and social growth. We believe its not enough to just take class and graduate, to do business as usual or give into what is safe and easy. We believe in the freedom of our own desires and the strength of not making big decisions on our own.

We want to house a community of students who want to better themselves and community while having the best time of their life along the way.


Looking for More?

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