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Chris Kearney (founder in picture left) struggled to find his first college apartment.  Getting a two bedroom was too expensive and finding an acceptable roommate was difficult. After graduating Chris incorporated College Rising with the idea for students to find roommates and apartments. With the help of his roommate Burak to design logo and advertising,  roommate Witten conducting apartment research and neighbors Mike and Kelly in sales college Rising leased its first apartment in July 2010!



College Rising's first full year is in the books! College Rising starts working with Le Cordon Blue students to find affordable housing. College Rising now includes furniture and leases rooms individually. Every student who is qualified is accepted!



College Rising brokers a deal with Little Italy's Festa Italians to provide a booth for College Rising to support UIC student organizations marketing and fund raising goals! College Rising helps fundraise thousands of dollars for over 30 student organizations from 2012-2014!



College Rising starts providing short term leases of three and six months to the sweetest students in the world at the French Pastry School-Chicago! College Rising also creates an advisory board consisting of legal, marketing, sales, HR and several key mentors!

Website Traffic 2

2014 receives 5X amount of web traffic than 2011-20143 combined! This is also the first year "Ugly Sweater Vs Bulls" Holiday party which raises funds for various non for profits!



College Rising begins marketing new services providing short term leasing consulting to tenants and landlords interested in making 3X amount of rental income during premium summer months through Airbnb. Everyone makes more money and we meet new guests from around the world!



College Rising is now a full service operation offering a multitude of services in the summer months. We nearly double our revenue from 2015 providing leasing apartments both as a whole space and shared space, providing lease terms between one - twelve months, subleases and now also short term stay through airbnb!

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College Rising continues to be a leader in the community for leasing apartments and begins its transition to expand into New York with a new philosophy of education.



In April 2018 College Rising is approved Pre-License Real Estate School! College Rising can now offer a full course load in becoming a real estate Leasing Agent, Broker or Managing Broker. With reciprocity rights College Rising can teach and hire students in 17 different states! Most important opening the school is a first step in putting our money where our mouth is about education. We believe that if students can attend class and perform in the community that they should receive 100% of their tuition and fees back! Help us grow this philosophy by joining our team as an Agent of Change!

Work Study Scholarship

We have $10,000 in Student tuition and Fees which our students  can earn through Work Study Scholarship. We are eager to expand our philosophy that education tuition and fees should have the option to be earned back by attendance and performance in the community. We are looking for talented students to dive into our programming and take initiative in our community!