Agent of Change Timeline

Current Course Date: Nov 5 - Dec 15

Registration: open Min 1 Max 3

Workshop: Jan 7 – February 15

Upcoming Important Dates:   

Jan 7 - Feb 15

Workshop: April 1 - May 10

April 1 - May 10

Workshop: May 13 - June 21



About Agents of Change

In April 2018 College Rising is approved Pre-License Real Estate School! College Rising can now offer a full course load in becoming a real estate Leasing Agent, Broker or Managing Broker. With reciprocity rights College Rising can teach and hire students in 17 different states! Most important opening the school is a first step in putting our money where our mouth is about education. We believe that if students can attend class and perform in the community that they should receive 100% of their tuition and fees back! Help us grow this philosophy by joining our team as an Agent of Change!

  • Meet and recruit hundreds of student peers
  • Connect landlord home owners to further develop student community
  • Produce online content which enhances grows our community
  • Solicit products and services that live in our community to form long lasting partnerships
  • Reach out to local student organizations to form affiliations

Next Steps...

Register for our next leasing agent course to become an agent of change!