Airbnb is the most popular daily rental site in the Chicago market. They have also made an agreement with Chicago where students interested can register directly through their site.

FlipKey Rentals

One of the largest in Chicago, FlipKey is owned by trip advisers. Its always a benefit to have listings on as many sites as you can to reach your target audience. We can walk you through the steps.

Level A: Short Term Subleasing

We start April 15!  Learn the fundamentals of listing a short term sublet. This class teaches the listing process, registration, what to look out for and more. We get you started by meeting student peers, gaining positive reviews and matching apartments and roommates for those in need of housing for next semester. We have flexible schedules which meet once a week for a few hours.

Level B: Leasing Apartments

We start May 15! Learn the fundamentals of leasing student housing. Students who take this course will learn various contracts, listing, showing, qualification and closing processes. This class is a pre-requisite to become a student leasing agent with College Rising. Leasing agents help recruit and manage apartment leasing and short-term subleasing.

Next Steps...

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