Apartment Searching

Looking for an apartment this summer?  There are thousands of students which search every year! We dont have the staff to help everyone but if we work hand and hand with those thousands of students we can create an easy, fun and social way to find your next apartment. In this class we provide the following:

  • Interactive Searching
  • On Demand Appointment Scheduling
  • Live Video's to view raw cuts on our Facebook Groups
  • Closing review and information opon completion of class

Start your free trial today with Pre-Launch till June 15th! Check out Video Here which describes this class.

Our dedicated 2 hour/day sessions starting June 11th in which we Search interactively, Schedule appointments, take videos during showings and review closings. Find your apartment in 1-2 weeks through our network. Contribute and get a full refund or just use our network and pay!

Registration starts June 11th! If interested please register for Pre-Launch. 

.05 Credits: $50 for 7.5 hours (one week)

1 credit: $100 for 15 hours (two weeks)

Next Classes

We are offering new classes in real estate every month this summer. These classes will dramatically improve your skill sets while subletting, searching for an apartment and knowledge for when you find that perfect space!

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