Festa Italiana!

We sponsored 12 student organizations each year who had the unique opportunity to create awareness and raise funds for their organization during Festa Italiana where thousands of community members and festival goers came to visit. At the same time these student organizations gave back by volunteering during the event as gate workers which contributed thousands of dollars to our local community association. hundreds of local businesses got in the mix by donating gift certificates and product for the student organizations to raise funds at the College Rising tent. Collectively student organizations made over $2,000 over the weekends!

College Rising Anniversary Parties

We never get tired of celebrating! Every year we throw anniversaries connecting our team with community and students.

Student Organization Event Partnerships

We are always down to partner with student organizations with our events. Students do the promoting and we handle all of the promotions and event details. We have had everything from games to date night auctions which we help raise funds for us and non for profits in our Chicago community.

Neighborhood Moments

We have had a few awesome times connecting with our neighbors and friends enjoying the outdoors and this great city!